How Groupify works

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1. Activate Social Layer

Allow your customers to activate the social layer from within your online shop with the click of a button


2. Invite Friends

Let everyone in your shop start groups and invite their friends. It’s as easy as sharing a link. Via Whatsapp, Messenger, E-Mail, Slack, Skype and more.


3. Socialize

Show & Share: It has never been easier to get a second opinion. Enable your customers to literally shop together. Connected, interactive and fun.


4. Save together

Offer incentives & perks to your customers for starting and joining groups. The more the merrier.


Join the Pioneers

Social commerce is the future

Groupify combines social discovery, interaction and group deals to drive customer engagement, build brand communities, and ultimately drive purchase. Groupify expands on the priniciples of referral marketing to unlock your customer’s network. With Groupify, your business can be part of the social commerce revolution.


On the blog …


The influencer economy is booming, but consumer trust is falling. Consumer preferences are changing and brands are failing to keep up. Digital marketing needs to change in order to connect with consumers in the future.

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CASE STUDY: pinduoduo 0 to $24 billion in 3 years with social commerce

In China, the world’s largest e-commerce market is currently being disrupted by a new social shopping app called PinDuoDuo. Pinduoduo is revolutionising the traditionally solitary online shopping experience by successfully integrating social functions into the business model.