Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Groupify for free?

Yes. In principle, you can test as a shop owner unlimited and free. In test mode, Groupify is invisible to your visitors. Under Integration you will learn how to install Groupify.

Do customers need to register for Groupify?

No. Groupify integrates seamlessly into your shop and requires no registration. The only information clients give is their name, so that communication within the group works better.

Are group orders grouped into a single order?

No. Customers continue to make their own orders, pay individually and get their own delivery - without delay. Through Groupify, they are still connected in your shop.

Will there be more charges for me? Are there setup costs?

No. Transparency is our priority. There are no hidden costs and no additional fees or the like.

How can I evaluate and analyse the success of my shop?

The Groupify Dashboard gives you an overview of the key metrics that give you real-time insight into the group activity in your store.

How does billing work?

You will be billed every month and the costs will be deducted automatically from your credit card.

I use a merchandise management system or ERP software. Is this compatible with Groupify?

Yes, because everything stays the same. As usual, orders will be coordinated by Groupify between your shop system and your merchandise management system without any intervention from Groupify.

Is Groupify compatible with other plugins?

Yes. We put a lot of emphasis on keeping Groupify stable and testing in detail before each update and release. So far, there have been no compatibility issues with other systems.

How do I take Groupify from trial mode to live?

Just create an account and buy an API key.