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15 years after Web 2.0, where are we today?

For eCommerce businesses, the future of the internet is a natural question. To understand this, it’s necessary to travel back in time and understand the generations of the World Wide Web that have come before us, Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. 15 years after the internet’s second generation, where are we today?

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The secret to digital advertising is in your smart watch

We’ve reached an age where there are more devices than people in the world. Some of us have embraced the internet of things by purchasing smart watches, smart phones, voice activated sound systems, voice assistants and even smart fridges. The Internet of Things presents many opportunities for business - but what are the implications of this? And especially in light of the cybersecurity concerns by consumers, how can businesses overcome this?

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Digital is changing the "consumer decision making process"

The way consumers decide to buy products has evolved thanks to the changes in technology and media, which as a result is changing consumer behaviour. Here's how.

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