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Price breakdown

Groupify is Social Shopping Technology as a Service (SSTaS). We operate as a subscription model starting at 97EUR per month when purchasing yearly contracts*, excluding VAT. These charges are based on the number of hits your online store receives per month.

Our fixed price for the monthly standard plan is 139 EUR, which is catering for shops with 10k monthly visits and under. For a shop that has more than 10k monthly visits, Groupify charges an additional 53 EUR per 10k increment on the Standard plan. The Plus plan has 100.000 visits included in the base price, so only every 10k monthly visits after 100k will get charged 41EUR. 

E.g.: For a shop with 80k monthly visits on the Standard monthly plan will pay 510EUR per month (139EUR fixed price plus 53EUR X 7).

E.g.: For a shop with 250k monthly visits on the Plus monthly plan, it is 614EUR plus 41EUR X 15, yielding a final price of 1.229EUR per month.

* We also offer yearly subscriptions at a discount of 30% of the monthly rates. Our standard yearly subscription starts at 97EUR excluding VAT. 

Transparency is our highest priority. There are no additional charges & fees; we do not charge commission nor setup costs.